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Now hang on a fucking second

ready to skeleton roleplay? I slowly take off my skin to reveal my creaky bones. my large pelvic bone is sexy to you. my teeth chatter. you hand me my top hat and I begin tap dancing. where is my cane

i remove two of my ribs and begin to furiously play your ribcage like a xylophone. “You like that?” I ask as I play my haunting melody

Naruto Shippuden opening 1/? “hero’s come back!”

Dylan O’Brien+puppies


Scott and Stiles being hot as hell with wires

Lydia Martin through the seasons.


Why does Dylan O’Brien always make a comment that could easily be taken out of context, and then recognizes that it could easily be taken out of context and mentions there’ll be gifs of him making this comment everywhere, and then makes the comment again.



comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

Oh look, it’s how I’ve felt for my entire life.